Drawing is a hobby of mine. During the time at the Graphische, I was able to practice this skill with life drawings (which could sometimes be a challenge of endurace ...) but helped to improve myself a lot.

In my spare time I like to draw with the graphic tablet or simply with pencil and paper, allthough the FH recently left me only little of it. :-(

Allthough I don't usually do commercial illustration, the drawing is often very helpful, for instance when it comes to same window modelling of three dimensional objects in Maya.

Zeichnen ist eins meiner Hobbies. An der Graphischen hatte ich die tolle Chance mich durch Naturstudien zu vertiefen (die auch nicht selten eine Geduldsprobe darstellten :-).

In meiner Freizeit nehme ich gern Zeichenstift oder Zeichentablett zur Hand, obwohl mir die FH nicht mehr viel Zeit dafür lässt.

Zu kommerzielle Illustrationen habe ich es erst selten gebracht, aber es ist mir in vielen anderen bereichen hilfreich, nicht zuletzt beim same window Modellieren dreidimensionaler Objekte in Maya.


Some of my Drawings:

Baking With Illuminatelabs Turtle Pencil sketch inspired by game The Bastart Operator From Hell! Pencil Sketch Character design for a FH-Project Character design for a FH-project handcut and printed screen print Etching on Copper coal1 coal2 coal3 coal4 Sketch for a FH-project Booklet Illustration for a fictitional Reggae album Icon Design Character design with pen and Photoshop old drawing of a dragon, colored with photoshop Drawing for the zfuek website drawing for the zfuek.at website Vector Drawing with Freehand MX Illustration in Freehand MX Illustration in Freehand MX Photoshop Collage